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Trailman’s First Aid Training and Quick Thinking Saves Grandmother’s Life

Stephen Ashton

On Monday, May 22, 2017, Adam Kort reviewed the materials one last time before the meeting. He was taking the lead this year teaching the First Aid Trail Badge to the Navigators and Adventurers groups. He had prepared well and was confident in his abilities. However, he had no idea how important this refresher would be.

A month later, on June 26 Adam was assisting his 78-year-old grandmother with projects around her home in Nebraska. That afternoon Adam was carrying paint tarps from the upstairs bedrooms to the main floor with his grandmother not far behind. As he exited the stairs, he looked back and watched helplessly as his grandmother tumbled down the stairs and landed hitting her head on the dining room table. When he saw his grandmother lying on the ground with her head bleeding profusely, Adam reacted instinctively.

He quickly assessed the situation and informed his grandmother that she needed to be still while he attended to the wound. He used the paint tarps he was carrying to elevate her head and slow the bleeding. He applied pressure, bandaged her head wound, and applied a bag of ice to help slow the bleeding and help prevent swelling.

Heart racing, Adam dialed 911. His grandmother protested, and to keep her calm he reluctantly agreed to call his father instead. While his father hurried over, 15 year old Adam had the presence of mind to spend time in prayer and engage his grandmother in calm conversation. He made sure she was comfortable as she could be and kept her still until his father arrived. The two of them then checked her body from head to toe.  When they came to her left leg, she said it was extremely painful and she didn’t think she could move it. At that point, they decided to call 911. When the paramedics arrived on the scene, they were very impressed by how Adam remained calm, had not moved his grandmother, and was able to bandage her correctly, elevate her head, and keep her calm. They were also impressed that he gave them complete, clear, and accurate details of the incident, injuries, and treatment provided. His grandmother received numerous staples in her head and was treated for a broken hip.

Because of Adam’s training and quick thinking, his grandmother is not only alive today, but has made a nearly full recovery from her wounds. We believe that Adam was with his grandmother that day by divine appointment, that their prayers were answered, and that God’s hand was on Adam as he cared for his grandmother.

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