Trail-Ready: 101 Devotions for Dads with Boys


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Being a dad to a boy can be like hiking a long, hard trail. Trail-Ready: 101 Devotions for Dads with Boys is for dads who want to be there for their sons. Filled with practical, actionable advice and insights into some of the challenges boys face, these devotions take just 3 minutes and will equip you to help your boys navigate the trail ahead. Every devotion is accompanied by photos of stunning scenery from state and national parks around the US and recommendations for memorable day-hikes for you and your boys to complete together. Your sons need you, dad. It’s time to get Trail-Ready!


“Trail-Ready 101 is a practical, biblically based devo for both fathers and sons to grow together spiritually. Boys AND dads alike are going to benefit greatly in their personal life from the excellent “bite sized” devos. As a grandfather it gives me a practical way I can connect spiritually with my grandsons. This will indeed help you and your son become “trail-ready” for the climb ahead.”


“Dad, you matter! That’s because your son soaks in everything about you—everything you do—for good or bad. As a result, every dad needs resources to help him shape the hearts of boys to become godly men. Rich in engaging photos and practical steps, Mark’s devotional will help you each step of the way. I love it.”


“A dad’s influence is powerful! And nothing is more important than their spiritual influence. That’s why I’m glad Mark wrote this book. It’s powerful! Dads will want to grow in their wisdom and faith as they read this. And they will! Mark’s devotionals are short for busy dads and not intimidating for those who have never read much of the Bible. They’re clearly written, timely, worth reading, and the practical takeaways are relevant. Dads will be encouraged, not overwhelmed. They’ll be confident, not unsure. Because dads will grow, their sons will mature in their faith, too. I’m grateful Mark wrote this book and you will be, too.”