Trail Life USA Informational Tri-Fold Brochure – Pack of 50


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These tri-fold brochures are perfect for spreading the word about Trail Life USA. Use these for recruiting for your troop! These brochures feature testimonials from Dr. James Dobson and the Benham Brothers. These brochures also highlight why boys need adventure, recognition, connection, and purpose.

Customer Reviews

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Leonard Sheard
Great brochure

A great brochure for initial contact! I keep a supply in our cars to give to anyone I have a conversation about TRUSA. If I can get a phone number, I follow-up in a few days. Also have set brochure stands in coffee shops (w/permission) and my barber. Some businesses have community bulletin boards and even brochure racks that can be used (leave a small supply so they don't all get tossed).
I print "For More Information, Call (my phone number)" on an Avery #5160/8160 blank (30/sheet). Fits nicely at the bottom of the tri-fold front and no smudge.

Vicky Harte
Excellent Resource

I use these to explain the program to interested parents and other adults. Very helpful.

David Witt
Tri Fold Brochure

I found the brochure handy to hand out during events like open house, conferences, 4th of July parade, during fundraisers.
We put a sticker on the back with our troop info. Not much room to do so. Tried a stamp, but the ink just smeared because of the hi gloss.
Having a little more space to put local troop info would be nice, I had to cover up the headquarters address and trail life logo. Net time I will try smaller 'Avery' stickers.

Christopher Browning

Timely delivery and a well made product

jimmy medley

I think there great. A good way to reach parents and give them an insight on what Trail Life is about.