Trail Life Announces Partnership with Renewanation

Charles Livingston

Trail Life USA is pleased to announce our new ministry association with Renewanation of Roanoke, VA. Renewanation’s vision is “to see culture transformed by helping millions of children develop a Biblical worldview.”

Biblical worldview is at the very heart of Trail Life – our Mission is “to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure”. Learning through action is how God designed boys to learn best. The heart of every boy seems to cry out with the Apostle James, “Let me be a doer of the word, and not a hearer only!” The Biblical worldview is “baked in” to the Trail Life program – but the delivery mechanism is the risk, competitive leadership, and adventure that boys crave.

Trail Life USA is encouraged by Renewanation’s vision and success, and we are excited about the missional alignment between our two organizations. Their initiatives are based on the understanding that all truth is given by God and is discerned through creation and daily living. The classroom is a place where worldview often informs how children learn about and understand their world. To that end, Renewanation provides:

  • Resources for Christian schools and Christian home school curricula to strengthen their effectiveness in teaching Biblical knowledge, doctrine, and apologetics. The organization’s CEO Jeff Keaton has even authored a how-to guide for starting a Christian school with limited funds.
  • Assistance with the revitalization of failing Christian schools
  • Scholarships for Christian schools to dispense to students with financial need
  • Manderly Christian Camp on 800 beautiful mountain acres in Pikeville TN – here Renewanation hosts “boot camps” for continuing adult education, teacher training, organizational development and improvement, and of course Biblical worldview day camps for children.

Renewanation is succeeding in guiding generations of children to a Biblical worldview through their classroom environment. Trail Life is succeeding in providing experiential venues to guide boys to that very same worldview. Trail Life USA is excited to be working with a ministry which has a mission so closely related to ours, and we are eager to watch as the Lord uses this new partnership in advancing His kingdom.

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