Troop Rip-Stop Cargo Pants


While supplies last! Because of this unique Out-Of-Production product, all sales are final.

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While supplies last! Because of this unique Out-Of-Production product, all sales are final.

You will love the fit of our updated Rip-Stop Fabric Switchback Cargo pant.

  • All metal zippers
  • Zip-off leg bottoms converts pants to shorts
  • Updated waist sizes
  • Custom embroidery on the cargo pocket
  • Multiple zip and/or Velcro pockets
  • Unhemmed

Please be sure to read our Return Policy before ordering uniform items.

Troop Leaders: Download this Excel Worksheet as an aid for placing bulk uniform orders.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Brian Marthiljohni
Odd Fit

I love the material of the pants and they fit well with the exception of the lower leg. The pants may as well be bell bottoms with how wide the lower leg is.

Do NOT but these pants

I have purchased 5 sets of uniforms and they are all falling apart after only 4 meetings. We have not used them harshly in any way and have washed them once. The cargo pockets are already starting to come off of the pant legs and the internal pockets are starting to break down as well. I can't even use use my hip pockets any more. I have contacted the Corporate Clothier and they said that Trail Life policy states they can't do anything about it. Very poor customer service. If you are going to carry cheap, foreign, sub-par equipment you had better be ready to replace it over and over because these items are meant to be used not only at troop meetings but outside in the field. Very disappointed with the choice of uniform and provider. Our families have to pay a lot for a uniform so it had better last! We are going to use a Green BDU pants for our troop moving forward. They are cheaper, easily obtained and very durable.

Jean Ann Carnley
Looks sharp. Just as described.

We had to wait to buy the pants since we couldn't buy the whole uniform at once.

Heather Marksbury

The quality is okay. They were really long. I wish there were more size options considering the price.

David Sutherland
Not Impressed

Let's start with the good. I love the way the pants fit my waist and that general area. Now for the bad... The first belt loop is too small for the official belt with metal tip to slide through. I need to fold the belt like a flag to get it through, which is a hassle. The cost of ownership is increased by the "tailor tax", meaning if you don't have a family member that sews, you need to pay a tailor to have the legs hemmed. I had to bring them back a second time to add a one inch taper to the ankles because they are essentially boot-cut and wore like bell bottoms. The pockets are weak and my keys formed a hole in the pocket, which is crazy because I only wear these things for a few hours each week. The fly zipper broke after a few months of light use and I needed to get that replaced by a tailor. The sizing is hard to get right the first time, so I sold the pants to someone else in the troop and bought another brand new pair off eBay from some other person that was also experiencing sizing issues. The zippers are cheap and not deburred or something. Every time you reach into the right zippered pocket is scratches up my hand. My overall cost of ownership exceeds $100 with two trips to the tailor, repairs, and eBay shipping. They're nice looking pants, but terrible quality and a MAJOR hassle...