Navigators Challenge Coin – Enamel


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Trail Life USA is proud to work together with to provide stock and custom challenge coins and pins!

Are you looking for a creative way to reward a Trailman who is a Navigator in your Trail Life USA Troop?

Maybe you just want a special gift for a special Trailman?

Would you like a creative way to welcome all of the Trailmen who are bridging over into your Navigators program?

Do you know a special Trail Guide or Trailmaster who deserves a symbol of your appreciation for his efforts in building into your son’s life?

How about a way to immediately recognize a Trailman who has earned the rank of Recruit Trailman, Able Trailman, or Ready Trailman?

These are just a few of the many ways you’re going to want to use this beautiful, new, high quality, 1.75” coin!

The front of this coin features symbolism from the Navigators Program, including each of the Ready Trailman Required Trail Badges (Aquatics, Camping, Fire Ranger, First Aid, Our Flag, Outdoor Cooking, Ropework, Trail Skills, and Woods Tools) surrounding the Navigators logo. The back proudly displays the Three Peaks, the Program Level Name (Navigators), and the Trail Life USA Logo.

Our newest coin offering is sure to delight any Trailman, from the newest Recruit to the fifth year, veteran Trailmaster!