Woodlands Trail Mountain Lion Branch Pin – Gold



When a Mountain Lion Trailman finishes the requirements for a Branch he earns a Branch Pin, which gets pinned on the corresponding area on his Branch Patch (Joining Award). A Trailman can earn one pin on each Branch, for a total of seven, as a Mountain Lion.

Sold in packs of 10 and 25.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Burkey
Great product

These came in perfectly and the troop was appreciative of them being easy to implement. Great quality and love the system.

John Carper

Woodlands Mountain Lion Branch Pin (gold)

Robert Morris II
Quick delivery

The branch pins came right on schedule. These pins are well made, and our boys will be proud to earn them.

Rebecca Eads

Woodlands Mountain Lion Branch Pin (gold)

Shaun Reynolds
The Backings are Difficult

The Branch pins are fine, though I hope one day we can move onto plated metallic branch pins that scream "bronze, silver, gold" rather than the current metal/enameled colored pins. But today my wife was helping me put pins on award cards for a ceremony and noted (to put it lightly) how hard the locking clutch backs are to remove from the pin. We believe a simpler, possibly cheaper option like the butterfly (military) clutch or rubber clutch might work better. We've also broken a couple of pins from branches in the past year working with the current backings. The current locking backings seem to be a premium (but maybe pricier?) option, but are difficult for the intended one-time use.