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On Saturday, May 16, at 8:45 PM join with families across America for a movie inspired by one of the most influential books of all time!

“I love this book and can’t wait for this animated version to be released. I believe it will be a blessing to you, your children and grandchildren.” - James Dobson

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At a time when outward bound has become homeward bound, Trail Life is inviting families to join the 30,000+ Trailmen across the nation for a one night event in the great outdoors. For an organization focused on adventure, character, and leadership, what better movie than, "The Pilgrim's Progress"?
On Saturday, May 16, join families across America as they turn their backyard or living room into a Camp-in Movie Theater. Pitch a tent, make a fort, craft an amphitheater, build a screen, create a projector, and make a memory.

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Suggested Text: The National Backyard Movie & Campout Night is coming Saturday, May 16th! Join me virtually for one unforgettable night as families across the nation take to the great outdoors in the comfort of their own backyard! Visit to learn more.

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“This edition of John Bunyan’s epic, bestselling story is like watching an animated version of the Lord of the Rings, but with a Christian storyline . . . It’s filled with Biblical allegories that should spark great conversations about living out your faith. Parents should watch the trailer first to decide which of their kids could handle some of the intense characters.” - Stephen Kendrick, Producer, WAR ROOM & OVERCOMER

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Focus on the Family has created a new free on-demand streaming service called [email protected] it’s like you’re getting access to their expansive content vault: Explore old favorites like the Adventures in Odyssey animated videos series, Listen to Radio Theatre, Discover new interactive children’s stories, and we’ll have a few surprises for you along the way! There’s something fun for every member of the family, and we’ll keep adding fresh titles so you can check-in every day! Best of all, it’s 100% biblically-based.

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Across the country parents are scrambling to figure out how to help their children thrive during an unexpected extended school vacation. Keeping kids (especially boys) busy and engaged in a constrained setting can be a challenge.

But it doesn't have to be a disaster.

Listen to a recent radio interview with Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA on this subject. Interview starts at 10:15.

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3 Keys to Growing Confident Men of Character

A boy needs a man who is enthralled by his exuberance, recognizes his abilities, understands his passions, and nurtures his strengths. When a man takes time out of his schedule to engage with his son, communicate affection, and speak encouragement, he creates a golden opportunity to speak truth and meaning into his life. Here are 3 Keys to Growing Confident Men of Character:

1. Cultivate Relationships

2. Grow Independence and Responsibility

3. Build Self-discipline

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Often in Scripture, we witness Jesus removing himself from the bustle of daily life to escape to the wilderness and connect with his father.

"Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray."
Luke 5:16

In Trail Life, boys regularly leave the whirling world of daily duties and digital distractions behind. They join with their mentors and fathers in the outdoors where relationships form naturally, time seems to slow, and boys are able to listen, connect, and grow.

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