For Navigators and Adventurers

We now have a working transfer module developed that will allow you to enter all of a boy’s BSA achievements onto a worksheet and obtain a one-time Transfer Record for use in Trail Life USA.

Trailmen may pick the one-time they want to complete the transfer, either when they join or at a later date. This module is only for the MIDDLE SCHOOL Navigators program and the HIGH SCHOOL Adventurers Program.

This module is available to you to download here:  Transfer Module

Please read the information below which will be important for you to complete the module.

The module operates in Microsoft Excel versions 1997 or later.  This is the only transfer module that we anticipate developing at this time.  So it is necessary for each transferring member to gain access to Microsoft Excel on Macintosh or Windows in order to run this module.  It will not run correctly in a non-Excel platform (e.g. Numbers on an iPad) nor on the Excel Web App on the cloud (e.g. on Sky Drive).

A couple notes to keep in mind as you use the module:

  1. Depending on your version of Microsoft Excel, the module may be in “Protected View” when you open it, and you will need to click on “Enable Editing” before you can enter information or print it out.
  2. After you make your entrees in the spreadsheet, you can save it to your computer with your changes.  When you try to save the document, it is possible you will get a warning notice that mentions “loss of functionality.”  It is OK to ignore that message and continue to save the document.  That error message is a result of making the Excel module functional across various versions of Excel.

Once you open the module, it should be self-explanatory.  A boy’s BSA record can be entered into the module by the boy himself or by an adult.  Once the boy’s BSA achievements are entered, you will be able to instantly see what the boy’s Transfer Record will look like.

To obtain a proper Transfer Record, it is important to properly complete all sections requesting input on the form.  When you are satisfied that the boy’s record has been properly recorded, print out the 5-page printout and staple it together.

Pages 1-3 will document the BSA record that was entered in the module.

Pages 4-5 will comprise the Trail Life USA Transfer Record.

The new Trail Life USA Troop Advancement Coordinator will need to:

  1. Verify the information entered on pages 1-3 against the boy’s known BSA record.
  2. When satisfied that the BSA record on pages 1-3 is documented as accurate, enter the information from pages 4-5 in the boy’s TroopTrack advancement profile.  This can be done after the boy and his parents have completed his on-line joining application (and after TroopTrack opens that portion of its portal for use).
  3. Present the boy with the appropriate rank patch or award as indicated by his Transfer Record (when those items are available from TLUSA).

Walk Worthy,

The Trail Life Program Team