Only Trail Life USA Troops, Charter Organizations, registered members and those who are in the pre-charter process are permitted to use the trademarked Trail Life USA logo and brands. We have made a document available that outlines materials on which members and the above-mentioned groups are licensed to use the branding. If you are authorized to use the logos, you can access them on your TroopTrack™ account, otherwise please email a request for the logo use to [email protected].

Anyone who has created any items prior to 10/25/13 that are not consistent with this policy, must discontinue use of those materials immediately.

If you would like approval to use the Trail Life USA logo or brand elements on an item that is not specifically listed in this policy or if you have any questions regarding this policy please contact [email protected].

The use of Trail Life USA’s brand, marks or other intellectual property on – or in relation to – any commercial products, merchandise or services (“commercial purposes”) require licensing by Trail Life USA. Any manufacturer or supplier of products, merchandise or services who wishes to be a Trail Life USA Licensee, or any party who wishes to manufacture, produce and/or provide promotional materials or items should complete and submit the Application for Trail Life USA Trademark License Agreement. Upon receipt of that completed form, Trail Life USA will make a determination whether to grant said license and the terms and conditions of said license, including any appropriate licensing fees, license duration and scope of license.