Patti Garibay

Trail Life USA is the perfect bookend to the AHG ministry. Raising boys to become men that walk worthy of God’s calling gives hope to our nation.

Eric Metaxas

We need Trail Life USA in every community in America. There is nothing like it. They are doing heroic work. If you care about boys, start a Trail Life Troop!

Alex & Stephen Kendrick

We believe in the vision of Trail Life USA. We are excited about what your organization stands for, and thrilled that you’re helping to disciple the next generations.

Pastor Randy Simonson


This program is a strong fit as a ministry for a church because their values are so strong. … As a church it is beautiful to see boys and fathers come together. I think that has been a big plus. And it will grow stronger as those fathers spend more time with their sons.

Kim – Trail Life Mother


I can look back at all that the Lord has done in the life of my son. His four years of servant leadership with Trail Life USA have helped make him into the strong leader that he is today. He has learned that it is through service that one leads. He begins his college career with an incredible set of …

Brian – Trail Life Father


The things we want as parents for our kids — we don’t always get to see…We want them to be godly, to be responsible and to be men of high character. Because of the Trail Life USA program we’ve been actually able to see it happen.

Josh Culbertson


Trail Life USA is a tremendous opportunity to teach Biblical Manhood in the community.

Kirk – Trail Life Father


As a Marine, I have camped a many of times, but this was the first time I got to take my two boys out. They had a blast! I’m glad the program made me focus on being with them for a day, it has become our man time.

Dave – Trail Life Father


Trail Life USA provides an opportunity to spend time with my son in an environment that is going to train him up to be a Godly man of character and instill all those values I want in him without having to really think about it.

Trail Life USA Jim Daly Endorsement

Jim Daily


Trail Life USA is a phenomenal scouting alternative… I strongly recommend you check them out.

Trail Life USA Franklin Graham Endorsement

Franklin Graham


Trail Life USA is a great Christian organization that helps develop character and leadership in boys and young men.

Trail Life Mother


I’m extremely grateful for Trail Life USA and the impact it makes on families. Very thankful to be a part of it, to watch my boys (and husband) grow in their faith and friendships. It is quite different from Dad cheering on the sidelines, although that’s great too. It is real ministry to the hearts of parents searching to find …

Mike Huckabee endorses Trail Life USA

Mike Huckabee


Trail Life USA will be transformative for millions of young men over coming generations.

Revitalized Church


“ Trail Life has revitalized our church. We have maxed out our capacity for Trail Life members in the first year!



“ The fathers in our Troop have remarked about how much they truly enjoy the campouts themselves, as we are building a community of adult men who can get away from work and enjoy the time with their sons.

Adventure and Discipleship


“ Trail Life USA has made adventure and discipleship a real possibility for boys who only know a technology engulfed world. It has provided a way to teach our boys and young men while still having fun!